Beyond The GED: What An Adult Education Center Can Offer You

If you've already received your high school diploma or sat for your GED test, you might think that an adult education center has nothing to offer. However, for continuing education, many adult education centers offer valuable classes that can make you more competitive for entry-level jobs and increase your earning potential. Here are just a few of the benefits your local adult education center can offer you. 

1. English Classes

With more and more people arriving from foreign countries, teaching English has been a major priority for adult education centers. While the United States has no official language, many jobs require English proficiency, as do many universities. If you are hoping to attend college in the US, your first step is taking English classes and getting certification through and adult education program. 

Learning English also helps you in your daily life. You'll understand more signs, be able to ask for directions, and navigate the grocery store more easily. These benefits cannot be overstated. Your English will improve as you practice writing and reading as well as speaking in class.

2. Basic Computing and Technology

Many adults struggle to keep pace with the advances in technology, and many jobs require proficiency with basic, common computer programs like Microsoft Excel or Adobe. Basic computing classes will help you learn your way around common programs. You can even get certifications in come classes to put concrete evidence on your resume when applying for jobs. You can also use these classes to improve your typing skills and your understanding of internet marketing. Computing will groom you for a job as a receptionist for a professional business or as an assistant in an office. 

3. Spanish and American Sign Language

In some cities the culture is particularly diverse. Adult education centers may provide classes for adults who want to become a greater part of the community with increased skills. Language skills are among the most important. If there is a deaf community near you, you can learn sign language. If they is a thriving Latino population, you can increase your marketability in any customer service position. If you have basic Spanish knowledge, you can also progress to take a class on teaching English as a second language and become a tutor for children who are learning English for the first time. 

4. Citizenship

If you're hoping to integrate fully into the United States, you should know that many communities will also offer citizenship classes to help you learn the laws, history, and customs of the United States. These classes can prepare you for the tests you need to take when you apply for citizenship. 

5. Basic Money Management

Many adults struggle with staying afloat financially. A basic accounting and budgeting class will help you understand more complex money matters like investments, insurance, and interest. If you already have debt, a money management class can help you set financial goals to get to more secure financial ground. If you continue to learn more about accounting, this can help you find jobs, since hiring managers like to see experience and knowledge about handling money well. 

6. Employment Help

After taking classes and getting your certifications, what comes next? Counselors at the adult learning center can help you seek for jobs, especially if you are new to the workforce and don't know your way around a job interview. Resume writing and cover letter classes are sometimes low-cost or even free in some communities, and they can help you apply for work with confidence.

For more ideas on how adult education can help you progress, contact the education center nearest you. Sometimes the school district can guide you to the resources you need.